06 February 2011

weekend in switzerland

Happy superbowl sunday everyone!!

Im sure many of you are getting ready to go to superbowl parties. Well, unfortunately, the game doesnt start until 1 am here, so we arent watching it. We had an eventful weekend and we also have class tomorrow so I'll just have to deal with watching the superbowl ads on my computer tomorrow. Besides, thats the only reason to watch the game, right? or maybe thats just my love for all things advertising/public relations coming out. :)

Anyways, this past weekend, the girls and I decided very last minute to go to Interlaken Switzerland. Here's a little background history about this quaint tourist town. The city gets its name because of its geographical location. It comes from Latin and means "between 2 lakes".... this is because of the 2 lakes that surround the city. There is a river that connects the city and flows through town. Well this town literally looks like it was dropped in between the mountains. I'm talking unbelievable views everywhere you look. It was unbelievable. Well another reason this city is so popular, is because of the wide range of activities to do. I would say that interlaken = swiss version of Colorado. You have the same type of outdoor activites: snowboarding, skiing, sledding, skydiving, canyon jumping, base jumping, canyoning, hiking, rafting, horseback riding, paragliding. I mean anything your little heart desire you could probably do in Interlaken. This is what makes it such a popular tourist location!

So with all of these options, a couple girls went skydiving! Apparently it was awesome. I wouldnt know... because i didnt do it. Not because I was scared but because I, along with the rest of the girls, didnt want to break the bank and decided a better option to get our adrenaline rush would be night sledding. We figured we would be in nice big sleds cruising down a slow hill. FALSE! we were straight up at the top of this mountain in complete darkness (only lights were the flashing red glowstick on a necklace they gave us) on these plastic toboggan/luge like sleds going down this crazy trail that zigzagged through the mountain. It was AWESOME! Kind of scary because theyre were no rails or anything on the sides and im pretty sure i almost fell off the side of the cliff a couple of times, but I survived so no worries. I actually think the most dangerous part was when we would stop sledding, and we would walk a couple of feet because of ice/dry patches and what not. I was dragging my sled and tripped over it and completely busted it. Im talking feet in the air where my head was and then landing on my back. It was painful. Back to sledding. We stopped halfway down the mountain and walked off the trail to this huge frozen waterfall. so cool! After successfully making it down the mountain about an hour/hour and a half later, they took us to go get fondue at this restaurant. Apparently the Swiss are known for fondue. I don't know about you, but my fondue meals in America have always been extravagant, 4 course meals. So we expected the same in Switzerland, home of the fondue. once again... FALSE! its a big pan of hot cheese and then a lot of bread. But it was still a fun experience and good time. We finished the night by meeting locals and exploring interlaken night life at several different places.

The next day we continued to explore the city. Our next food failure = lunch. We had the bright idea of going to Hooters for lunch. Yes we were in Switzerland and went to hooters. I have never been to hooters in America and my experience in Switzerland was not so pleasant. It took about 3-4 hours to place our order/eat/pay.... which should have taken about 1-2. It was really frustrating but afterwards we continued on with our adventuring of the city. Of course we stopped at a chocolate store, and some other cute swiss stores. That night we stayed at our hotel and hung out with our Swiss friends we made the night before. Played some card games and then went to listen to a band from Bern play at a bar.

We had a 7 hour bus ride back today and lets just say it was a loonnggg ride. It was good to come back home to Florence though. I think it finally hit me today when we got back that this is my home for the next couple months. How crazy is that?! Its such an awesome experience and I can't believe I'm able to do this. I mean I spent the weekend in Switzerland making memories with great people! I am very blessed to have this opportunity and I definitely plan on making the most of it! So thanks parents :)

But yeah, this weekend was definitely a huge success. We had an absolute blast and had some good laughs! Interlaken, you were a great way to start off our semester and I cant wait to see where we go next! However, now its time to focus back on school I already have been doing homework and trying to get ahead. Speaking of school, its getting late and I have class tomorrow morning so its bedtime for me. Enjoy the superbowl and the glee episode afterwards!

until next time... ciao!

oh ps... funny story real fast. I was walking down the hall at our hotel and saw this massive object in the middle of the hallway. I did a double take to see what it was. It looked like a big stuffed animal. Get closer to it and realize it was a st. bernard. pretty sure it was the biggest dog ive ever seen. possibly bigger than a lion. it was unreal! Turns out the dog was a girl and it was adorable so ive decided I need to get one, after I get my old english sheepdog (named asparagus but called gus for short), my white siberian husky, and my golden retriever. These dogs, along with the white siberian tiger, elephant, and giraffe, will be the animals I own when im older. Well that was my fun fact for the day about me... so I'm gone now. Goodnight! :)

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