02 February 2011

Verwelkom naar interlaken

Well its official. We are spending the weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland!!!

hahaha it took us a while but we got it all figured out. It should be an interesting trip thats for sure. We're pretty excited. Some girls are going skiing, some are going night sledding, some are going paragliding..... the options are endless! This is our first time traveling and we booked the trip through an agency, so hopefully it all works out. It looks legit, it has good reviews, and we know people who have used them and recommended them to us. So be sure to check back after the weekend to here about our interlaken experience!

Today was busy. I had 3 classes. I am super excited about one of them. Its called "war and media". Essentially is about the whole argument of the public's right to know vs the gov't obligation of national security. This is really interesting to me especially because of my major (strategic communication) and of course how I am in AFROTC. So I definitely get to hear both views during my other classes at TCU so its something I have always found interesting. In this class, we are going through and analyzing how the media and government handled different wars and primarily focusing on the wars within the last 20 years. My teacher is legit and it should be a really interesting class. Im so pumped for it! anywhoo enough about school. A couple of us are going out tonight and we are going to try to experience italian night life because last time was a major fail. So this is it until after switzerland!

until then... ciao! :)

ps: one of the top european hits right now... Heartbeat by Enrique Iglesias....were addicted to it at our apartment. It is pretty much always playing on somebody's computer and it just always puts us in a good mood. Probably because it is always playing in H&M and that is obviously one of our favorite stores (don't worry parents, i havent bought anything... yet haha). So i am sharing it with you. Hopefully you find it as catchy as we do :)

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  1. Switzerland huh?? hmmm..wonder who suggested that...haha