01 February 2011

stresses of italia

so its like 1030 or something like that here and i feel like im going insane. after a delicious dinner with mary we came back to our apartment. ginny was home from class and we decided to stay in to do some travel planning while the other roomies went on a pub crawl. so while researching different trips, we decided either we are not very smart or everyone lied to us because everything is reallly expensive. However I was in class today and some of the girls were like yeah we found flights to spain for 8 euro! LIESSSS!!!!!! we have looked everywhere and there are no such thing as 8 euro flights ANYWHERE! hahaha so we decided looking at trains/eurorail and well had some technical difficulties. I think part of our problem is that we want to go so many different places that we cant focus on one and book it. I dont know. We need help. So if you have any recommendations on travel booking tips PLEASE let us know.

i really dont think yall understand. we are somewhat delirious because we are all on our computers looking at a million different things! we are laughing hysterically at everything because its either in italian and we cant understand what its saying.... or its just super complicated. i dont know. its great. so yeah ill let you know when we plan our first trip haha

oh school started this week! italian 2 is cool. I had wine tasting today which was awesome! we tasted 5 different wines from the piemonte region. good stuff! tomorrow i have 3 class so it should be interesante.  Thats all i have for now!

lets just say... im ready for the weekend. and tomorrow we are starting it early. We have appertivo which is like the Italian version of happy hour? you can buy a drink (alcoholic or not) and you get a ton of food with it. So its a super cheap dinner. Anyways our program and another program are coordinating one for us so it should be fun! and hopefully we will meet some cool people and go out after! Thats one thing I like about my classes. We are mixed with a ton of other study abroad people from the states so its been fun meeting lots of new people! well im done venting about this fail of travel planning and I'm going to go do more research!

until then.... Ciao!

ps. ginny says hi to everyone reading!

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