24 January 2011

Goodbye America.... HELLLOOOO Italy!

Well it is finally here. After months of preparation, tons of paperwork,  endless errands, 2 suitcases, and 1 backpack later, it is officially time for me to leave! If you are reading this blog, you should know that I will be spending this semester studying abroad in Firenze (thats Florence for you non-italians) Italy! I have been blessed with this opportunity and cannot wait to go see, explore, and submerge myself in the Italian culture. The adventure begins tomorrow with a solid 17 hours of traveling and I couldn't be more excited!!

Until next time (from Italy). Ciao!  :)

oh I almost forgot....
skype: dadevoto
ichat: augusta90

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  1. Ah I am so excited for you Devo! I will definitely be keeping tabs on your blog, and I added you on skype- mine's sawhite001. Would love to chat sometime! Love yoU!