29 January 2011


so today was our first real day of freedom. We didnt have anywhere that we had to be, no orientation, no class, nothing! and it was GLORIOUS! hahaha we started the day off right, sleeping in until 11:30. We finally got moving and we all had a million errands to run.

first stop on the list was getting a "friends of uffizi pass". This pass was relatively cheap and gives us unlimited access to a ton of the museums, gardens, and palaces in florence AND you get to skip lines! its good for the whole year so we figured it was a good investment. After that we kind of separated to run more errands. 2 other girls and myself decided we wanted to explore more of the city and hopefully find the same Wind store where we had bought my phone and try to see if I could finally get one... since my box was empty when i opened it.

Well we were wandering through the city... no idea where we were. We finally decided to try to look at a map and figure out what area the phone store was in. While we are stopped on teh corner, huddled together, looking at a map, this gypsy lady comes up to us and starts begging us for money and would NOT leave us alone. So finally I said lets keep walking... we literally turned a corner and seriously was directly in front of the Wind phone store! We were so excited! So we walk in and the same guy is working. He recognizes me and says oh you need a phone... i was waiting for you yesterday! and he was super nice about the whole thing, gave me my phone, no problems, and it was amazing! it maybe took a minute to get my phone. So easy! we were expecting that he wouldnt understand and there would be arguing, lots of hand gestures, and major language barrier.... yeah none of that happened. it was so great!

After getting our phone, we popped into this swanky cafe for lunch. Ended up staying for almost 2 hours just chatting. So fun! Finally we went on a mission to find a gym. I mean with all of this food, you gotta work it off!! not that we dont know miles and miles of walking each day.... we still want to stay in shape! so we found our gym and then made our way home. We stopped by a little market and got pasta to cook for dinner. We shall see how that goes haha

So today was our first day without anything to do. And we realized that besides our one class a day on mon-thurs... thats what it is going to be like the rest of the time we were here and we got super excited. This lead us to the decision that a celebration is in order for tonight. Time to experience the night club. So were keeping it classy and going to a little joint in town... called Space electronica. TOOO FUNNY!

you should check out the website http://www.spaceelectronic.net/  and see what im talking about....should be an interesting experience :) ill be sure to let you know how it goes.

until then... ciao!

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